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PCAP 55'' Touch Screen Panel for LCD Monitor

PCAP 55'' Touch Screen Panel for LCD Monitor

Cinotop PCAP 55'' touch screen accessory made by Metal Mesh Copper, is a Multi Touch PCAP 55'' For digital signage monitors Delivers you a Higher Sensitive, Zero Pressure, And Unique user experiences; ~3um line width; ~1om high accuracy, and sensitivity; ~all size available, 110'' maxest; ~90 transmittance, excellent visual experience; ~Flexible, bend as you like and slide naturally after that; ~No Moire, proprietaryMesh Design no moire

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PCAP 55'' Touch Screen Panel for LCD Monitor

1)Product picture


2)Product feature

S/n Size Item# VA size Channels (RX*TX) Solution to match Border remarks
3 55'' CNT055001-V1.0 1212.8*683.6 198(72*126) EETI  EXC82H80136STCG 27mm+2


 product tt.jpg

3) Applications

everywhere and any where.jpg

4). Product details

Material: completely scratch-resistant glass material (Mo type hardness 7H), not easy to be scratched and worn by sharp objects, not affected by common pollution sources, such as water, fire, radiation, static electricity, dust or oil. It also has the eye protection function of goggles.

Sensitivity: less than two ounces of force can be sensed, with a quick response of less than 3ms.

Accuracy: 99% accuracy.

Sharpness: Three surface treatments (Polish, Etch, Industrial) are available. The MTBF of the SMT controller is greater than 572,600 hours

Touch life: Any point can withstand more than 50 million touches, the cursor does not drift after one correction.


4). Certification and Qualification






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