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Sensor Glass For Interactive PC 86

Sensor Glass For Interactive PC 86

86'' Metal Mesh Sensor Glass for interaction all in one pc, wall mount video display, multi-touch tea table sensor glass adopts A+ hardened screen glass and latest metal mesh projective capacitance multi touch sensing technology. The metal mesh touchscreen with single touch, 2 points, 4 points, 6 points,10 points,16 points,32 points touch 40points and more. Metal mesh touchscreen with advantage of maintenance-free , vandal proof, dust proof, water proof, IP 65 grade, long life time, very sensitive touch, immediate response, zero pressure and unique response etc., The touch tea table with Windows7 / 8 operating system, the multi touch can support finger touch and gesture recognition such as drag, zoom and rotate pictures, videos , web pages , documents, etc. Features ~ Invisible metal pattern, ~0.3um line width ~ Metal Mesh Technology ~ Minimum Air Gap ~ Smooth writing, and immediate response ~ Customized solutions are available ~ Possible to select glass presence ~ Strong against EMI Noise, ~ Customization Options are : FPCB Design, Sensor pattern, IC maker

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Finger Print Sensor under Glass for All in one PC Interaction:

  1. Larger size of electrostatic capacitance type touch panels;

  2. Highly sensitive touch panels, with superior operability;

  3. Greater design freedom for large displays;

  4. For digital Signage, Smart TVs, Electronica blackboard, Amusement devices, Notebook PCs, Tablet PCs, etc.

  5. It is very Low surface resistance, which is tuitable for large screen touch panels

  6. Available for custom support with conductive pattern designs of sensor film based on customer requirements,

  7. Contact our sales representative for more details: ava@chinacts.com.cn

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S/NIC SolutionCodeChanels(RX*TX)Suggested TP SizeControl BoardRemarks

10EETItemporarily stopped314(196*118)65-86temporarily stoppedsupplier best chanel 
11WEIDATM1.8174(112*62)32-43temporarily stoppedsample inhouse
13WEIDATM2.1414(256*158)65-86220*123Nano silver Y shape
15SHARPLR0G969X398(255*143)86以内100*130+100*2202control boards

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