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2019CES Innovation Award Application Fully Launched
Aug 27, 2018

Introduction to the CES Innovation Awards

The CES Innovation Design and Engineering Awards, established by the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is an award for outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics.

The CES Innovation Design and Engineering Award consists of the Honoree and the BEST OF INVATIONS. A variety of products from multiple vendors can be nominated in the field of their respective consumer electronics products. The Expert Group finally selected Best OFINNOVATIONS from a number of nominations for 28 categories of consumer electronics.

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Entry product category

CES Innovation Awards include 3D Printing, Accessibility, Computer Accessories, Computer Hardware and Components, Computer Peripherals, Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy, Digital Imaging/Photography, Sustainability and Eco-Design, Embedded Technologies, Fitness, Sports and Biotech, Gaming, Headphones, etc. 28 Product categories. The CES Innovation Awards for 28 categories of consumer electronics products to recognize outstanding achievements in the design and engineering of consumer electronics are among the most important awards at CES.




1. The participating products must meet the industry categories specified by the conference.

2. The participating products must be first sold to the public on the Internet or at a US retail store between April 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019.

3. If you are a CES exhibitor, a sample of your innovative product award (prototype or final product) must be available for the 2019CES International Consumer Electronics Show, and samples will be on display during the January 8-11 show. The winner of the best innovation must allow CTA to hold a sample of the product for up to one year in order to be exhibited on other CTA related projects.

4. Enterprises without booths can also participate in this event, but there may be some restrictions due to the lack of participation in the exhibition. Correspondingly, companies with booths will participate in this event and will add points for participating in the exhibition.



Why participate in the CES Innovation Awards?

1. The official unique CES Innovation Award logo is in your products and advertising.

2. Have the opportunity to showcase your products in the most crowded and hottest places.

3. Announce the winners through the CTA press release, which will receive industry-wide recognition and media attention.

4. Place the CES Innovation Award trophy on your booth to catch your eye.

5. The Innovation Awards List (i3) will be published in the CTA i3 magazine released in January/February and is expected to be distributed over 46,357 at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show.

6. Exposure on the CES website.

7. Receive an Innovation Award for the opportunity to purchase an i3 magazine ad.

8. The winner's products will be announced on the CES Unveiled New York and CES Unveiled Las Vegas.

It’s okay to go to the Las Vegas scene.

Take a look with Xiaobian

Which are listed in the CES Innovation Awards

B&O Modular Sound BeoSound Shape

Category: High Performance Home Audio - Video Devices

Manufacturer: Bang & Olufsen

The BeoSound Shape is a wireless speaker system consisting of a set of hexagonal panels that fits perfectly into the home background and acts as a “wall tile.” It can have 44 separate units to form a complete sound system.


Astell & Kern flagship player SP1000

Category: Portable Media Player

Manufacturer: IRIVER

Astell & Kern has always been synonymous with high-end Walkman, this time Astell & Kern created a new series A & ultima, and SP1000 is the first product in this series. The design style still maintains the AK's consistent design style. The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy or pure copper. It has a very texture, the edges and corners are more distinct, and the overall style is more tough.


Instrumments 01 distance test pen

Category: Computer Peripherals

Manufacturer: InstruMMents Inc.

01 is an ultra-compact measuring instrument developed by Canadian startup InstruMMents. This pen can be used as an accurate 3D curve scanner. The user can accurately record the shape and size of the object by simply scrolling the pen on the 3D object. The 01 is equipped with a proprietary transmission and magnetic sensor system that accurately measures the distance between two points, which is useful for laying carpets, building furniture, making clothes, and more.


EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker

Category: Fitness, Sports and Biotech

Manufacturer: EyeQue Corporation

EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker combines mini-lens with mobile phone applications to enable you to perform eyesight tests at home in a fun and convenient way, and to order glasses online.


Online application opening: August 6, 2018

Online application deadline: September 19, 2018

Innovation Awards Review Time: September 21st - October 2nd, 2018

Winner Announcement: October 5, 2018

Innovation winners announced: November 8, 2018

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