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3D Curve Glass
Aug 10, 2018

The features of 3D curved glass meet the needs of a large number of product designs in the market. Such as smart phones, smart watches, tablet computers, dashboards, etc., the progress of the times has clearly guided the development of 3D curved glass. So what are the advantages of 3d curved glass can be loved by the majority of users?

First let's take a look at what is a 3d curved glass:

3d curved glass is made of curved glass cover in the middle or at the edge. Curved glass forming is a kind of thermal processing. It is a high-level technology to ensure that the glass surface is crystal clear. Made of light and thin plastic, the 3D multi-shape appearance has the special design novelty and texture, and can increase the curved edge contact and solve the shortage of antenna layout space and enhance the receiving function, making the product more beautiful and excellent.

   3d curved glass advantages:

    1. Light, transparent, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, weather resistance.

2. The color value is high, the curved edge of the curved glass is higher than the middle frame, the whole screen is more full, and the visual effect is obviously better than the ordinary 2d screen.

3. Excellent touch feel, curved glass and the middle frame 180 degrees smooth docking, more ergonomic principles, greatly improving the feel of the sliding screen.

4. Additional performance gain, wireless charging function, and can solve the problem of insufficient antenna layout space and enhanced receiving function, making the product more beautiful and excellent.

            3D curved glass has gradually been applied to the manufacturing of smart terminal products. For example, Samsung Galaxy S6edge and Xiaomi Note use 3D glass. At present, 3D curved glass is mainly applied to the protective screen and back cover of smart terminal products. Therefore, the demand for smart terminal products also indicates that 3D curved glass has many advantages and good performance, which makes consumers more favored.

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