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Capacitive Touch Panel Classification
Dec 14, 2017

The global touch panel is mainly resistive, accounting for about 60%. The remaining 24% are capacitive touch panels. The capacitive electrodes can be divided into surface and projection capacitors (multi-touch capacitive), etc. The surface capacitive Mainly to the United States as the leading manufacturers, and widely used in industrial equipment, atm, kiosk, pos and other public information systems. As such applications are mostly outdoor or the temperature and humidity specifications of the more stringent environment, the higher prices. The projected capacitance in the ito layer to form a matrix of etching, making the human body in contact with the surface in addition to the formation of capacitance, will also cause changes in the capacitance between xy axis intersection. With high durability, the phenomenon of surface capacitance than the small drift, etc., is considered to be the future of mainstream capacitive technology, coupled with windows7 operating system market, the projected capacitive multi-touch technology has become the future trend of market regulation Agency estimates 2012 large-size projected capacitive touch panel product shipments expected to exceed 1 million.

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