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Large Touch Screen Display
May 16, 2018

Beijing time on March 19 news, China's touch screen network news, small spacing LED to open up new applications digital signage into a new favorite. As a brand-new media concept, digital signage has emerged in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather together. Through large-screen terminal display devices, people can publish relevant commercial, financial or entertainment information to people. Information to meet people’s audiovisual needs for reasonable instant messaging. The emergence of digital signage has provided people with greater convenience in their trips, and some people have therefore referred to it as the "fifth medium" following the paper media, radio, television, and the Internet.

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With the explosive growth of small-pitch LEDs in the past few years, this year's small-pitch LED will gradually stabilize and enter a steady “peaceful development period.” Although it is out of the high-speed development stage, it does not mean that small-pitch LEDs will Regression, on the contrary, due to the greater difficulties faced by products that want to achieve smaller pixel densities, major companies are gradually slowing down the pace of pursuing smaller pitch products, and then turning to a diversified development path.


The combination of small pitch LED and digital signage

It is precisely because small-pitch LED companies will seek development in a more detailed and diversified field. Therefore, digital signage will enter people's field of vision, and at the same time realize the “marriage” between small-pitch LED displays and digital signage. Undoubtedly, the digital signage is once again pushed onto the display industry.

In fact, the combination of small-pitch LED and digital signage also represents the perfect integration of the display industry's technology and applications. This is not only a continuous technological breakthrough of LED products over the years, but also shows that the rapid development of technological means can eventually achieve the ground application. This is exactly what the major companies want to see.

On the other hand, the rapid development of digital signage has also benefited from the application and promotion of small-pitch LED products. In the early days, the application of digital signage was uncommon. For example, signage signs on highways were used only as indications made of metal. Signage, and now more common, is a digital display that is updated based on real-time traffic conditions and weather.



Digital signage can also have a wide range of applications

If the digital signage chooses to "marry" with a small-pitch LED display, the final analysis is due to the continuous improvement and mature display technology in the field of small-pitch LED display, combined with the diversity of digital signage applications, small-pitch LED Whether it is in brightness, color, patchwork or resolution, it occupies an absolute advantage. The most important is that the small-pitch LED display has greater flexibility, which also makes the major companies full of confidence in its development.

When small-pitch LED companies enter a new year of development, the digital signage market can be said to be very attractive for small-pitch LED companies, especially when small-gap product development faces development bottlenecks. With greater development, the decision to transform the enterprise has to be made, and the digital signage will also become an important support in the “multi-legged walk” of small-pitch LED companies.

Digital signage becomes one of the development areas for the transition of small-pitch LED companies

On the other hand, the combination of small-pitch LED and digital signage has also played a role in promoting digital signage. Since digital signage has also experienced “big winds and waves” in the past, it has not become the “darling” of the display industry, but today and small distances. With the reunification of LED, the field of digital signage is bound to rekindle the fire of hope.

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