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Microsoft Surface HUB 2 Big Size Touch Screen Panel
May 17, 2018

Revolution is the theme of the 515 Birds Nest Hammer Technology Conference. On the big screen of the scene, you can clearly see the big sweat on the cheeks of Luo Yonghao. When he tried to demonstrate the new interaction of the Smartisan TNT Station for 37,000 spectators, he called it "the revolution." In fact, this is the pursuit of improving human productivity. Whether you admit it or not, the appearance of Smartisan TNT Station will make countless people think of Microsoft's Surface Studio. Luo Yonghao's one-hour product introduction is more like a two-hour free advertisement for Microsoft.

touch panel (2).jpg

Smartisan TNT Station

The real productivity tool, Microsoft Surface Hub 2. While Raymond Lam released the Android version of Surface Studio, Microsoft released the Surface Hub 2 super tablet with a 50.5-inch giant screen. If the Smartisan TNT Station has a revolutionary way of interaction as described by Luo Yonghao, then Surface Hub 2 is a real definition of the office scene. Luo Yonghao's revolution in this interactive way was cut off by Microsoft.


Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Surface Hub, Microsoft's newest office hardware, is mainly for teamwork special scenes. It supports multiple people to log in at the same time and use the same document at the same time. Whether it is close-distance communication transmission or long-distance collaborative office, it can be one by one. Satisfaction, powerful features make it essentially improve the efficiency of the team's office. Increasing productivity has always been the pursuit of enterprise users. Through multi-person cooperation, the team can significantly improve work efficiency and obtain production results. Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is adapted to the environment of the office from the outside, it is a huge intelligent touchpad. The simple appearance makes it full of sense of the future. It can just replace the whiteboard in the office.

screen display (1).jpg

Microsoft and Perceptive Pixel (PPI) reached final agreement

Microsoft and Perceptive Pixel (PPI) announced the final agreement in July 2012, and the Microsoft Empire will buy this company that specializes in developing large-scale multi-touch display solutions. PPI was founded in 2006 and launched its first multi-touch workstation and large-scale display wall program in early 2007. In 2008, it became famous for helping CNN and other TV stations to report on the US presidential election. In 2009, it was awarded the Smithsonian Institution ( The Smithsonian Institution awarded an honorary National Design Award. At present, PPI's patented touch technology has been widely used in different fields such as government, national defense, radio and television, energy development, engineering, higher education, collaboration, and meeting demonstrations. Kurt DelBene, president of Microsoft Office, said that PPI's large touch technology (Metal Mesh) will work with hardware from OEMs to build powerful Windows 8 PCs and provide new opportunities for office and collaboration.

screen display (2).jpg

Japan Panasonic Large-size Touch Solution Information

According to international large-scale material manufacturers, the future of large-scale touch materials will be metal mesh (Metal Mesh) as the main material. For example: United States PPI, Japan Panasonic, Japan Toray, Japan TOPPAN and so on. Metal Mesh has excellent electrical conductivity and can achieve a large-scale breakthrough in on-cell single-layer multi-point, and Metal Mesh touch technology is considered as one of the mainstream touch technologies for large-size applications. In the medium and large-size touch market, alternatives are available. ITO's transparent conductive thin film (TCF) has been hot topic recently. At present, ITO alternatives use nano silver wire (Ag NW) and Metal Mesh as the most "close" commercial solutions. Replacing the traditional ITO conductive layer with Metal-mesh (metal network) can make the resistance lower and the conductive layer thinner, and Metal-mesh technology can further enhance the cost-performance advantage of Film Touch.

touch screen display (1).jpg

Panasonic's performance comparison of Cu-Mesh and Nano Silver/ITO

The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” clarifies that strategic emerging industries are the key targets for the country’s future support. Information technology has been established as one of the seven strategic emerging industries and will be focused on. The new generation of information technology is divided into six areas: next-generation communications networks, Internet of things, triple-play, new flat panel displays, high-performance integrated circuits, and high-end software represented by cloud computing. Touch screens and flat panel display devices are closely related, and many technologies are highly versatile. Currently, capacitive touch screens are the mainstream of development, with advantages of high precision, durability, and multi-touch. CINOTOP is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of capacitive touch screens as a national high-paying technology company.

touch screen display (2).jpg

CINOTOP large size touch product display

In January 2018, CINOTOP Corporation made a technical inspection of Metal Mesh technology products in China. The results of the inquiry showed that the Metal Mesh technology product of domestic CINOTOP is the only one in China. CINOTOP Co., Ltd. cooperates with the domestic education market to develop domestic brand customers, focuses on creating low-cost solutions, focuses on education, and has targeted the development of the Metal Mesh 75-inch and 86-inch touch screens for the education market.

touch panel (1).jpg

The first domestic 86-inch Touch Sensor display

After several years of market analysis, technical precipitation, and team joining, CINOTOP launched a pilot production line for oversized projects. Because the product is the first in the country, all the equipment is designed by CINOTOP and the domestic and foreign partners are invited to complete the equipment production.

touch screen panel.jpg

CINOTOP large yellow light production line

In order to meet the needs of different customers, CINOTOP has conducted a strong reliability test on its own Metal Mesh products at the national laboratory.


Metal Mesh bending test


Metal Mesh Test


Metal Mesh line test


Metal Mesh Moiré Test


Metal Mesh Wide Environment Dash Test


Metal Mesh Cryogenic -80°C Test Test


Metal Mesh Ultra-High Temperature 100°C Marking Test


Metal Mesh ESD Instantaneous Electrical Test


Metal Mesh Antenna WIFI Function Test


Metal Mesh Antenna GPS Function Test

CINOTOP (Shenzhen Zhiling Weiye Technology Co., Ltd.) is striving to build a new generation of information technology products with world-class technical capabilities and super-strength quality trust foundations. All the company's colleagues continue to occupy the product market, product technology innovation, and always maintain an international leading position, increase the intellectual productivity, introduce more capital to maximize product volume production, so that our life is not "touch" is not.


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