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Multi-touch Technology Development
Dec 14, 2017

Multi-touch technology began in 1982 by the University of Toronto invented the multi-touch touch screen index finger pressure. In the same year, Bell Labs published the first academic literature on touch technology.

In 1984, Bell Labs developed a touch screen capable of changing the screen with more than one hand. At the same time, a group of developers at the University of Toronto terminated the development of related hardware technologies and transferred the research and development directions to software and interfaces. In the same year, Microsoft began to study the field.

Pierre Wellner's multi-touch Digital Desk in 1991, a proposal that supports multiple fingers, developed a touch-screen technology called digital desktop that allows users to simultaneously touch and pull the touchscreen with multiple fingers Video

In 1999, the multi-touch products produced by John Elias and Rooney Westman included the iGesture board and the multi-touch keyboard. In 2005, was acquired by Apple Computer.

In 2006, the new touch screen developed by Professor Jefferson Y Han of New York University can be operated simultaneously by both hands and supports simultaneous multi-person operation. Using this technology, Jefferson Y Han draws several lines on the screen using multiple fingers simultaneously on a 36 "x 27" screen. And ordinary touch screen technology is different is that it can have multiple touch hot spots to respond at the same time, and the response time is very short - less than 0.1 seconds.

In 2007, "Apple" and "Microsoft" respectively published products and plans for applying multi-touch technology, so that the technology began to enter the mainstream applications.

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