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The First Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 Exhibition Was Grandly Opened
Sep 06, 2018

(Financial Investment News) On September 5th, the first Chengdu InfoComm China exhibition opened in West China International Expo City in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, presenting cutting-edge professional audio-visual technology and integrated experience technology solutions in different regions of the world, including the first in the western market. Introduced new products.


       Western China is one of the fastest growing markets in China in recent years and has become one of the most eye-catching and not negligible emerging markets. Taking advantage of the market development potential in the western region, Chengdu InfoComm China officially became the second InfoComm China exhibition in China. InfoCommAsia, the organizer of the exhibition, has hosted the Beijing InfoComm China exhibition since 2007 and has been recognized by the industry and the market every year. The Beijing Exhibition in April this year successfully attracted 38,809 visitors, setting a new record for visitors in the history of the exhibition.

        AVIXA CEO David Labuskes said at the opening ceremony: "In April of this year, we held the most successful Beijing InfoComm China exhibition so far. From the success of the exhibition, the biggest inspiration we have gained is that China's professional audiovisual market is so important. And vibrant, the market is in need of a second exhibition. This exhibition must be held in a strategic location, while providing the market with the greatest opportunities and potential; more importantly, the implementation of the exhibition must be very professional, also Must be able to help promote technological innovation in the region. The right place is Chengdu, the ideal exhibition platform is Chengdu InfoComm China, and the best time is now."

       The officiating guests at the opening ceremony included Liu Wei, deputy director of the Sichuan Expo Affairs Bureau, and Mr. Ma Zelin, deputy director of the Chengdu Expo Bureau.


       The western region is a direct beneficiary of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of the country's large-scale cross-border and cross-economy, and has been officially designated as a key development area. According to the 2017 research report of the internationally renowned think tank Milken Research Center, economic indicators in various aspects over the past few years show that many cities in western China have already led the growth rate of economic development, even surpassing the traditional weights such as Beijing and Shanghai. Level city.

       Chen Tingfu, executive director of InfoCommAsia, said: "After so many months of preparation, this exhibition has finally been successfully held in Chengdu. InfoComm China has become a forward-looking professional audio-visual and integrated experience technology solution with the dynamic and extreme of the West. An important bridge between potential emerging markets, we are convinced that Chengdu InfoComm China will bring infinite and innovative thinking to visitors and industry professionals in the next two days."


       A business platform that brings forward-looking and innovative technologies

       The exhibition will be held in Halls 5 and 6 of Xibo City, and the summit will be held in Hall 9. More than 150 well-known exhibitors from home and abroad, including Intel, Yamaha, Harman, Epson, Alto, Aistron, WolfVision, Dataton AB, Beijing Bird, Honghe Technology, Digital China, AVIC Chinese Painting, Kaxun Electronics Market leaders such as Keda Xunfei and Hangzhou Xi Media are all gathered in this western professional audio-visual and integrated experience industry event. The exhibition covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and is widely used in various vertical industries and fine Forward-looking technical solutions in various fields.

       The showcase includes command and control systems for traffic management, security surveillance, defense and medical; digital signage technology for advertising, retail and information communication; 3D projection integration solutions to help enhance educational, entertainment, museum and convention meeting experiences The collaborative communication technology and conference system, which is increasingly used in enterprise environments and hotel services, and the professional-grade integrated cinema system of smart homes, cover a wide range of applications, including new technology products introduced in the western region for the first time. solution.

       A valuable communication platform for the transfer of technical knowledge

       The Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 Summit, held concurrently with the exhibition, featured a series of free summit forums and seminars, which were very popular among the delegates. These forums and lectures invite industry experts to give lectures. In addition to the macro overview, we will further explain the innovative technologies and solutions that are currently subverting and transforming various industries.

       The theme and agenda of the summit are closely related to the current hot topics in the market, including cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence, digital innovation applications and smart city development, and conducting multi-faceted analysis and discussion in an easy-to-understand manner. The conference also brought together leading companies, industry associations and media, including Intel, Guangdong New Smart City Construction Service Center, Digital Solutions Multimedia Asia, China Smart Hotel Alliance and China Computer News, to present a number of forum dialogues to provide participants with More depth and meaning of the summit content.

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