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Touch Screen Panel
Feb 05, 2018

Capacitive touch screen is the use of the human body's current sensing work. Capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen, the inner surface of the glass screen and the interlayer coated with a layer of ITO, the outermost layer is a thin layer of silica glass protective layer, laminated ITO coating as a working face, the four corners of the lead Four electrodes, the inner layer of ITO as a shield to ensure a good working environment. When the finger touches the metal layer, the user and the surface of the touch screen form a coupling capacitance due to the human body electric field. For high-frequency current, the capacitance is a direct conductor and the finger sucks a small current from the contact point. The current flows out from the electrodes on the four corners of the touch screen, and the current flowing through the four electrodes is proportional to the distance from the finger to the corners. The controller calculates the position of the touch point accurately .

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