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Two Types Of Capacitive Touch Panel Touch
Dec 14, 2017

When there is no contact between the touch panel and the touch panel, the electrodes are at the same potential, and no electric current passes through the touch panel. When in contact with the touch panel, static electricity in the human body flows into the ground and a weak current flows. Detection electrode according to the current value changes, you can calculate the contact position. Antimony trioxide on the glass surface of the film (ato) layer resistivity, in order to get the same electric field in its periphery to install the electrode, the current input from four sides or four corners. When inputting from four sides, the electric field is obtained by the resistance distribution around 4 corners less than the impedance distribution on the 4 sides. For practical purposes, there is a type of resistor plate mounted on the ato layer; there is also a type of etching the ato layer. When entering from 4 °, an electric field is generally obtained by a combination of a printed-on-resistance and an ato layer. Input from the four sides, according to the upper and lower, left and right current ratio can be calculated, the detection method is relatively simple. When inputting from 4 corners, the detection method needs to get the distance ratio with 4 sides, and the position calculation is also complicated. For example, assuming that the position of the touch panel center is 0, the x-axis and y-axis positions can be calculated by the following equation: x axis: l1 + l4-l2-l3 / l1 + l2 + l3 + l4 y-axis: l1-l2 / l1 + l2 + l3 + l4

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